Partner’s Recovery Training

The AASAT Partners Recovery Training Course helps you understand partners of sex addicts and intimacy anorexics and help them heal from the addiction in their relationship. This course is 39 hours long and is geared for counseling professionals, coaches, and … Read More

Sex Addiction Recovery Training

The AASAT Sex Addiction Training Course will give you proven, clinical insight and treatment modalities into treating the cycles of addiction and addictive behaviors involving pornography, prostitutes, and multiple affairs. Updated in 2019, this course is 48 hours long and … Read More

Intimacy Anorexia Recovery Training

Intimacy anorexia is one of the fastest growing issues facing counselors and the recovering community today. Intimacy anorexia is the emotional, spiritual and sexual withholding from a spouse. This DVD training series is the first and most in depth information … Read More