Our American Association for Sex Addiction Therapy (AASAT) Certifications allow you to prove you have completed the necessary steps to be able to understand and treat  sex addiction, intimacy anorexia and Partner Recovery.

These requirements are for Therapists, Counselors, and Ministry Leaders who would like to become certified in the fields of Sex Addiction Treatment, Intimacy Anorexia Treatment, and Partners Recovery, and would like to set up treatment programs to help others.

  1. Complete the DVD training course and worksheets.
  2. Credit card authorization for the application fee of $25.00.
  3. Complete the appropriate AASAT application and provide the following:
    • Copy of signed and notarized admission of DVD course completion.
    • Copy of all completed worksheets and notes from your AASAT training.
    • Current CV/resume.
    • Copy of all post-graduate degrees.
    • Copy of current license/registration certificate.
    • Copy of current counseling insurance.
    • Copy of Canadian law enforcement record check (for Canadian therapists only).
    • Three letters of recommendation from professionals.
  1. Take the online test, receiving a 70% or higher.
  2. Complete the 6 months of weekly supervision.
  3. Send in complete counselor contact information for listing on our therapist directory on the AASAT website.
  4. High-resolution digital professional picture emailed to: info@aasat.org.

**Once all certification requirements have been met, at this time you can register to be listed on our Online Therapist Directory located on www.aasat.org. Please allow up to 30 days for certification processing.**