Welcome to The American Association for Sex Addiction Therapy Online

American Association for Sex Addiction Therapy (AASAT) is premiere training for counselors, coaches, and ministry partners who are dedicated to making the addiction recovery community better. Our remote, self-paced training programs count toward continuing education units (CEUs). The training materials are based on the most current clinical research, treatment methodologies, and recovery practices with cited research sources in the fields of sex addiction recovery and psychology.

An overview of our courses:

Sexual Addiction Training

The Sex Addiction Training course will give you proven, clinical insight and treatment modalities for treating the cycles of addiction and addictive behaviors involving pornography, prostitutes, and multiple affairs. The course modules also include training specific to the partners of addicts and their adult children which enables you to counsel and help them as they deal with the addiction from their side of the relationship. Learn More

Partner Recovery Training

Our Partners Recovery Training is one of the best courses available for treating partners of addicts, understanding their needs, and helping them heal. This course will give you proven strategies to help partners enter recovery after understanding the addiction in their relationship, why it happened, which emotions they are experiencing, and how to move forward into new life. The training program contains 39 hours of DVD lectures and includes a companion workbook.

Intimacy Anorexia Training

Our Intimacy Anorexia Training is the only intimacy anorexia certification training in the country. Intimacy anorexia is an addiction where addicts withhold emotional, relational, spiritual, or sexual intimacy from their partners or spouses. The training program contains 38 hours of DVD lectures and includes a companion workbook.